Alastair Zolf

Third son of a secondary zolf family


Alastair grew up a skilled individual in a family that only prizes giftedness. Once his parents realized he would never make an academic he was pushed aside and generally considered a waste of resources, provided with just the bare minimum of attention a young boy needs to survive. At the age of 12 he was approached by a member of the family he had never heard of, and offered a chance to make a worthwhile contribution to the furtherance of House Zolf. Eager to prove his worth to the family that had discarded him, he jumped at the chance. Thus began his training as a noble spy for the house. Over the next 9 years he gained many abilities, primarily relating to subterfuge and the art of deception. He trained in the art of the silent kill, in addition to the small arms training that comes with any noble birth.

More to come.

Alastair Zolf

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