Darian Zolf

I'm not saying I'm going to single-handedly deliver peace out of the barrel of this bullshit era. I'm saying WE are going to.


Second son of Lord Farris Zolf who is himself the eldest son of Lord Farris Lolathan Zolf, patriarch of House Zolf.

Darian was always slightly more interested in doing rather than thinking – his natural intelligence getting him into more trouble than good on most occasions. When his magickal talents were discovered, the little patience he had for traditional schooling dissapated. As the typical “second son” of House Zolf, Darian is known for his partying, drinking, and general waste of the family capital. Recently however, he has turned his attention towards the growing wars across the Iron Kingdoms – seeing his house’s inaction in the face of these wars as a deep shame he means to rectify.

Darian Zolf

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