Rorn Gortick

Sell-Sword looking for a way to restore his Kriel


Mighty Trollkin Fell-Caller Soldier


Likes and dislikes

Likes – strength, straight forward plans, money, decisiveness, alcohol
dislikes – people asking for help, pedantic conversation, human laws, elf wine, Khadorian military
hates – oath-breakers

Rorn’s Personality

Rorn is a no none-sense Trollkin with a gruff attitude and an unpleasant demeanor. He doesn’t like the pleasantries or pedantic way most humans regard each other and prefers when folks get right to the point. He only looks out for his own interests and responsibilities, and generally doesn’t care about the needs of others unless they align with his own. He would kill a man for a fair price, but he’d be just as likely to take a bribe from the target and kill his contractor if he didn’t think it’d cost him jobs in the future. Rorn likes to drink when he has to deal with unpleasant things.

Rorn would be content enough to roam the world as a sell-sword, however his past guides his present. Rorn was born a Fellcaller of his Kriel, and thus no matter what objections he might have, Rorn has an obligation to his kin. Above all else, Rorn believes that one cannot simply neglect their responsibilitiwa.

Rorn’s Kriel

The Kriel Rorn belongs to is currently shattered, and has been that way for 10 years. They had long warred with their neighboring Kriels in a “Traditional and Honorable” war, however a nefarious deal brought an end to all of it. His once mighty Kriel fell at the hands of a backroom deal and his kin were now dead, enslaved or vagabonds.

An outsider from Khador approached the Kriel’s chieftain and offered him a deal. The man wanted the chieftain to sabotage his own warband and allow an opposing Kriel (allied with Khador) to seize their lands. When Rorn learned of the chieftain’s actions, he decided he must challenge the chieftain to a trial by combat. The reasons for the chieftain’s actions did not matter to Rorn, all that mattered was the trial. Rorn followed the old ways (as most Fellcallers did); a trial by combat would let the gods determine if his chieftain’s plan was in the Kriel’s best interests. The Trial was short and swift with Rorn left as the victor.

Unfortunately for Rorn, not many remembered the old ways as he did and fewer still remembered the laws regarding trial by combat. The council saw Rorn’s action as treason and the warband commanders saw him as a dangerous element, so he was exiled. Rorn never got a chance to expose their former chieftain’s plans and unfortunately, the scheme was already in motion. With no one left to warn them, the Kriel fell prey to their former chieftain’s actions and were defeated.

According to the Old Laws, challenging an individual’s action to a trial by combat was to give one’s judgement over to the gods. If the gods decided the challenger knew more than the challenged, they would grant him victory in combat and he would assume the responsibilities of the deceased. In the eyes of the Old Laws, Rorn was now the chieftain.

Rorn will never put aside his responsibilities, and knows he must find a way to reunit his people, reclaim his land and rebuild his fallen Kriel.

Rorn Gortick

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